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Medicaid renewals have been on pause since 2020 and will resume in 2023. KanCare will use the information they have on file to decide if you and/or your family member(s) still qualify for Medicaid or CHIP coverage. If KanCare needs more information from you to make a coverage decision, they’ll send you a renewal letter in the mail.

If your address with KanCare is not up to date — you may not receive the renewal letter and could lose Medicaid or CHIP coverage in 2023.

You can use a tool called KIERA to update your address easily. Keep reading to learn how.

KIERA Video Tutorial

Watch the following video, or follow the step-by-step directions below, to learn how to use KIERA to update and verify your Medicaid information with KanCare today.

What is KIERA?

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has created a new virtual agent called “KIERA” to assist Medicaid consumers in Kansas with updating their required information, such as their household address and phone numbers. KIERA stands for “Kansas Integrated Eligibility Reporting Assistant.”

KIERA is on the KanCare website and asks a series of questions to help ensure your contact information is up to date and/or verified. KIERA is available in English or Spanish languages, easy to use, and is available 24 hours a day.

It is extremely important that consumers update or verify thier information as soon as possible so they can be reached by KanCare about renewing Medicaid coverage in 2023 and receive ongoing coverage options.

How to Use KIERA

Using KIERA is very user-friendly and only takes a few minutes. You can access KIERA from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

In preparation, you need to know one of the three following items:

If you have children living in a foster home or you have moved into or out of a facility such as a nursing home, you may need additional information on hand.

The process should only take a few minutes, and we will walk you through it step-by-step.

STEP 1: Starting with KIERA

On your computer, phone, or web-enabled device, go to

Click the red chat icon at the bottom of the screen.

The KIERA virtual assistant will open and greet you.

Please note: KIERA can also be accessed on the KanCare website by selecting “Address Change” at the top of the page in the main menu.

STEP 2: Verifying Your Identity

KIERA will ask you if you would like to proceed in English or Spanish.

KIERA will then ask you a series of questions, such as…

Next, KIERA will ask questions to verify your identity. You will be offered three options to verify your identity:

Any of these 3 options can be used to verify your identity and begin the process of updating or confirming your current information.

STEP 3: Updating or Verifying Your Information

After verification is successful, you can update your address and contact numbers.

KIERA will ask you to verify your current phone number(s). If your phone numbers have changed, you can enter your new phone number(s).

KIERA will ask you to verify your current address. If you have moved, you can enter your new address. After you have updated your address, KIERA will ask you to choose a “Suggested Address” or keep the “Orginal Address.” The suggested address is based on addresses on file from the State of Kansas. The Original Address is the address exactly as you entered it into KIERA.

Once you have completed this step, your information will be updated with KanCare and you have completed the process. When Medicaid renewal letters and phone calls begin in 2023, KanCare will have this information so they can contact you.

If your phone number changes or you move after you have completed this process, and you have not yet received a renewal letter in the mail or been contacted by KanCare, ensure you use KIERA again to update your information.

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