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Kate Gramlich, Cover Kansas Project Specialist, and Nancy Kelley, Lead Strategist of Initiatives from Missouri Foundation for Health, presented to 30+ Harvesters Community Food Network partners on Monday, January 24, 2022. Gramlich covered Kansas processes for applying to both Marketplace and Medicaid coverage, and Kelley shared information about recent Medicaid Expansion in Missouri.

“We were asked to present on the recent changes to coverage in both Kansas and Missouri, and to give quality resources for individuals and families served by Harvesters partners,” Gramlich said. “It was a great collaboration between our two neighboring states.”

An example of such changes applies to Marketplace tax credits, which were expanded for 2022 due to the American Rescue Plan (ARP). Consumers with household incomes from 110% to 150% Federal Poverty Level will be eligible for $0 premium plans with the tax credits. The ARP also extended eligibility for tax credits to people with income over 400% FPL ($51,520 for a single person in 2022, $87,840 for family of 3).

“While the 2022 Open Enrollment Period has passed, consumers can still apply within 60 days of experiencing a qualifying life event, “Gramlich said.  “If someone is unsure of whether they qualify, our Navigators are here to help answer those questions.”

Over 800 Harvesters Community Food Network partners across Kansas and Missouri will receive the slides and resources provided in the presentation.

“Both food insecurity and insurance coverage intersect with other social determinants of health,” Gramlich said. “We want to help as many Kansans as possible access affordable healthcare.”

Learn more about qualifying life events visit,